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White Oak English Cream Golden Retriever Sires and Dams!

These Golden Retrievers are known as White Golden Retrievers, British and English Cream Golden Retrievers.
We are proud to offer a pure, healthy line of these exceptional Goldens to homes across America.



A calm, gentle giant (95 lbs). Loves and befriends every creature big and small. Axil is beautiful and perfect in everyway.

Axil's father is still winning and taking all the shows in Europe.

Axil is confident and leader of the pack here at White Oak Golden Retrievers.

Imported from Europe and the son of INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS!



The Lover. Imported from the most prestigious kennel in Europe, and the son of Champions.

Lincoln is extremely intelligent, strong, and leader of the pack. He is 95 lbs. of pure muscle. He has chiseled features and a long flowing white coat. He is an excellent swimmer and loves to be involved in everything here on the farm.



Our youngest Sire. Imported from the most prestigious kennel in Europe, and the son of Champions!

Gabe is perfect in size at 95 lbs., he has a calm temperment and loves everything and everyone. He loves to swim, run in the woods and wants to be friends with everyone!



Harper Lee

Harper Lee is the daughter of Layla and Lincoln. She was born here at White Oak Golden Retrievers. She has her father's noble stance and confidence. She has the lovely calm, gentle personality and lovely face of her mother. Harper Lee never meets a stranger and strives to please and be friends with everyone and everything. Kind hearted and loving. What a beauty!




An outstanding beauty. Lacey comes from Europe and her exceptional breeding shows in this lovely girl. Lacey is very calm, outgoing, engaged with all the other dogs. She loves making new friends and wants to be part of the pack. She comes from a long line of exceptional champions and international champions from Europe.




So Lovely, confident, calm and cool. Mercy was born here at White Oak Goldens and is the daughter of Jasmin and Axil. She loves to swim, chase squirrels, and have fun.

All the Champions and International Champions in her Pedigree show in this beautiful girl.



A snow white beauty that was born in Europe of Champion Parents.

Riva is a very laid back and calm She fell in love with Axil at first site and he with her. They are the White Oak Golden Retriever lovers!!

Riva's personality is outstanding. She is calm, loving, kind and extremely feminine. She continues to be more beautiful with each passing day. Riva is vital part of the White Oak Golden Retrievers Pack.





Izzy is the daughter of Tessa and Lincoln and was born here at White Oaks. She is a perfect size, and beautiful in every way. She loves to have fun and is the pranster here on the farm. The thing she loves most is when she gets hugs and playing with her toys.





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