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Why Buy A Puppy From White Oak Golden Retrievers

1. Every English Cream, British Cream or White Golden Retriever Sire at White Oak Golden Retrievers comes from Europe. Not just any breeder in Europe but a breeder that we feel has the best and most beautiful dogs and raises their dogs to assure good health, temperament and beauty. It has taken us years to develop a relationship with a European breeder that trust us to raise their/our dogs in a loving environment, feed our dogs properly to ensure health and never in-breed or line-breed and to continue the beautiful and healthful bloodlines they have worked to create for many, many years. Take a look at our Axil!

2. Maintaining our dogs health is the most important thing that we do. We constantly research on ways to improve the health of our dogs and to keep our puppies living for a very long time. Our holistic methods work. We share this information with our puppy owners on a constant basis. We also post all recalls and warning concerning dogs available on our Facebook page and our Blog on . Don't forget to check us out on Instagram; wvtopdog.

3. All of our dogs are kept in optimal health. They eat raw meat, vegetables, fruit and vitamins everyday. They receive only necessary vaccines and natural flea and tick treatment. See our passion on this front on the health and diet page.

4. Our puppies are given the best and most loving environment with personal attention. They start off eating a number one grain free kibble, raw goats milk and their mother's nutritious milk. You can see by looking at them they are superior in health. Our puppies are very confident, loving, kind and ready to meet their new families at 8 weeks of age.

5. White Oak Golden Retrievers is ever ready to help you with any questions you have concerning any puppy from us. We stand by each and every puppy that leaves us. See our testimonials from our puppy dog owners.

6. Our American Goldens are very rare. They are from the original bloodlines of the American Golden Retrievers. They are large dogs as they have not been in-bred or line-bred to meet the ever changing "standard" from the AKC for American Golden Retrievers. They are healthy dogs and we strive to keep this beautiful line of Red Golden Retrievers going for many years.

See our Sire Deets and his girl; Chili at American Goldens.
If you want the very best in everyway visit our Current Litters to see our available puppies.
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White Oak Golden Retrievers occasionally offers young and mature AKC registered goldens.

These dogs/goldens are healthy, beautiful dogs looking for a forever home. Our dogs live a great life here on the farm. They like swimming, running in the woods, socializing with other dogs and people, and they get along with the miniature horses and cats here on the farm. They eat a species appropriate diet and so therefore they are.....Sold to approved homes only.

Call 304-753-6282, Phone Calls Only, References required.

See our Available Goldens.


Feeding Raw? Not Convinced Yet?

This is an email I received from one of our dog owners.


By way of update, I've changed Basel's diet. Had him tested for allergies and he registers with peas, dairy, fish and egg. Peas are in so many dog food items, alongside salmon oil and others. So...he's on an all raw diet. Chicken mainly -- I buy Stella and Chewy's raw chicken patties fortified with vitamins and minerals, give him a raw chicken leg, breast meat, pumpkin and apple sauce, and chicken organs now and again, alongside a vitamin supplement, probiotic (found one without dairy) and a digestive powder supplied by my holistic vet. His stomach issues have turned nearly 100 percent -- poops are firm, less plentiful and very predictable. It has really made a difference.

Funny -- he has become quite the talker lately. Wonder if it's because he's feeling better. He always had the cutest bark since I picked him up -- sort of a woo, woo, woo -- and it has remained with him to this day, but he's added talking to his repertoire. He simply couldn't be a more friendly and loving guy to everyone and every dog he meets. Thank you for your advice and concern. The diet did the trick.




Dog food recalls are becoming more and more prevalent. Dog Food Advisor keeps you updated on recalls and how your brand of food is rated. We recommend Orijen Adult Food for dogs over 2 years of age and Orijen Puppy Food for puppies up to 2 years of age. Go to enter your zipcode to see where to buy in your area.



Well, we have some really fantastic and wonderful news to announce – Sophie is now a registered THERAPY DOG with New York Therapy Animals – and Michael and I are her handlers!!! Yes, our collective baby has fulfilled the dream we all had for her. And last night was her first job/visit at Yeshiva University here in NYC. There is a wonderful trend happening where universities are inviting therapy dogs to sit with the students before their final exams as a way of relaxing and de-stressing. And wow – what a success it was last night. Sophie did marvelously – and this job fits her like a glove. At first she was a little overwhelmed – she had a whole group of students around her – and lots of hands on her – but she soon calmed down and got used to the pace and finally did her ‘belly up’ move that we love so much.

Michael, Cindy and Therapy Dog Sophie

Sophie is the dog that was on the Dr. Oz show when she was a puppy. She is featured on the opening page of the website along with her owners; Michael and Cindy. Congratulations to them for this hard work and outstanding achievement.



Alternative to yearly vaccines for your dog(s).Al

This is an email I received from one of our puppy owners.

So, Michael and I took a really great step with Sophie last week. We had our vet do a blood draw for titers in all of her vaccinations including rabies. We will NOT re-vaccinate EVER again for rabies if her titers come back with good immunity. Unfortunately, in the city of New York, it’s a law that the dog has to have a rabies shot every year. RIDICULOUS. There IS a way around this if you can prove that the rabies shot and its’ effects are still present and strong enough in the dog. Once we get the test back, we will have the vet sign off on this and then go to the city for a form that allows us to NOT have the dog vaccinated for rabies. We will have to do this every year – but we are passionately committed to never vaccinating Sophie again. Here is a great email/quote from a woman I respect greatly on the RawFeeding list. She herself is a an expert in Homeopathy. Maybe pass this along to your new clients?

Xoxo Cindy, Michael and sweet Sophie

The damage from vaccination shots is cumulative, and its manifestations become more apparent with the duration of time since the insult. Homeopathy works very well done long distance, with the majority of the best practitioners operating in this way.

For an idea of what might be involved, check out There is also an excellent book available: Don Hamilton's Homeopathy for Cats and Dogs, which will give you an idea of the processes both within the body and in the course of treatment.

It is often said that there are three aspects to good health; the first is avoiding insults and suppression, the second, supporting the body with good husbandry and diet - and the third, readjusting and nurturing the life force through homeopathy.

Consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why it's important to you.

"I don’t speak the same language as my best friend. Without barking a single word I always know what he wants. My dog and I have an incredible connection. Ever since day one we've been friends. I named him Diesel. I made sure I slept downstairs with him the first two weeks to prevent him from crying all night, played with him all day and trained him not to destroy everything in sight. It all just clicked. Over the past 4 years, we've grown ever closer and he has taught me many things about myself. When he was young we took long walks around the neighborhood, those slowly turned into paced jogs and now they are runs. These walks disengaged me from the addictive video games I played in my free time. I grew to like the outdoors and the idea of eating healthy along with working out. This was a major stepping stone in my life, where I put down the controller and signed up for a gym membership. I started eating healthy, working out daily and tracking my calories and I had Diesel to thank. This entire time I made sure he had the healthiest food and kept an active lifestyle himself. This lead to another major stepping stone in my life: organization. The best way to feed dogs is on a set schedule, so they know when they are going to eat next, and I know when to take them out. That was pretty tough for me to adjust to; since I never really had a set plan or schedule I had to take care of. This schedule for the dog, soon developed into a day to day schedule I kept for myself, organizing everything I had to do for the day and more importantly everything I didn't have to do that day. This opened up new potentials for me in school, soccer and everyday life. I owe a lot to this simple birthday present. Diesel is a great dog that teaches me more lessons every day. He helped me mature into the person I am today and keeps me moving forward. Without him saying a single word of English; I know when he wants to take a walk, when he wants to eat and when he needs to go out. It’s hard to not see the love between my dog and I, but it’s simple to overlook the immense impact he has had on my life."



Three Dogs and a Wedding



Hi, my name is Miles. I am a chocolate Labrador Retriever.

My best friend in the whole world is Rob. From the first time I laid eyes on him I knew we were meant to be together. Together we were, like bones and toys. We lived life to the max like two bachelors should. Every second that Rob wasn't working we were living it up outdoors. The best years of my life……until one day I starting getting sick. They found out that I had gotten bit by a tick. Not just any tick, but one that carried the Rocky Mountain Fever virus. It didn't take long to ravage my body. Nothing that modern science or medicine could do to save me. I knew this was going to be hard on Rob and my passing left a big void where all our happiness had been. I knew I had to act fast. I found out through the dog talk here in heaven that there was a little farm in West Virginia, not far from North Carolina where Rob lived at the time, they raised beautiful, healthy Red American Golden Retrievers and White English Cream Golden Retrievers. I have some connections here in dog heaven and was able to put a little idea in his ear to call these people about getting another buddy. That he did. Before you know it, the people from WV were meeting Rob with another bouncing boy that he named Jax. Those people were so impressed with my boy Rob that they said driving home that they wished their beautiful daughter could meet a handsome, good hearted boy like him. Well now, that was going to be a little harder. Since my Rob lived in North Carolina and their daughter lived in Missouri.

The WV people had a Facebook page that they shared with all the wonderful people that had their dogs. It was a way for them to share valuable information of the latest research on how to keep their dogs healthy and living longer not to mention the pictues everyone posted of the little ones growing up into beautiful dogs. Rob obliged them and "friended" her on facebook like I wanted him to. He posted wonderful , fun pictures of he and Jax. Rob got a good job offer in California and off they went to start a new adventure. He kept posting pictures of he and Jax on the beach, running and fetching the ball, playing in the ocean. He grew into one handsome boy. Rob seemed happy, but his heart still ached for me.

Then one day, he was scrolling through facebook and saw the lady in WV and a beautiful girl sitting with her in a picture. He knew he had to find out more. He send the beautiful girl named Sherry, a "friend" request . Sherry was on the facebook page too, because she had one of the White Golden Retrievers named Gemma. Sherry called her mother and wanted to know who this guy named Rob was and that he was sending her a "friend" request. " That's the nice, handsome young man I told you about", her mother said. So now that I got that worked out, Rob was on his way to filling the void that needed to be filled. Sherry on the other hand had just gone through a divorce and threw herself into her work and her two boys. Her dog Gemma helped her through some lonely, hard times. Then one day her work needed her to go to California for a work meeting . I know what you are thinking!!! What!! This wasn't easy working this out. It helps to have connections here in heaven!!

When Rob found out she was coming within a few hours of where he and Jax lived, he asked to take her to dinner. She accepted. Rob tells it now that it was LOVE at first sight.

So….after cashing in all my chips here in dog heaven, there has been a wedding. Rob and Sherry got married. Jax and Gemma are best friends, and me always watching down from heaven knows they will live happily ever after. Whew!!


P.S. Rob now has all the love and happiness he can handle when he visits his new family in West Virginia, as Twenty Goldens run to meet him, Sherry, Jax and Gemma and loving them all over.

Now….that's a love story!!!!




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