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Before September of 2017 our family was missing something. We were searching and praying for a sweet puppy to complete our family. Having a Golden Retriever has always been a wish of mine, so I spent some time searching the internet for a breeder. Then, I ran across the White Oak Golden Retrievers website and fell in love with all the sweet furry faces I was seeing. I contacted Mrs. Jeanette and had a great conversation with her about the the breed and temperaments of Golden Retrievers. Not only was I in love with the breed, I made a sweet friend in Jeanette. After I got off the phone with her I immediately begged and pleaded with my husband to let me have a sweet puppy. I am so glad and thankful that we made that decision and brought sweet Cooper into our family. From day one Cooper has been a blessing to our family. We have loved training him and playing with him. The kids absolutely adore him! He is the cream of the crop when it comes to being a wonderful, healthy and lovable puppy! He’s so playful and snuggly and loyal! He is my little, well, not so little shadow. He follows me everywhere I go, and if he hears my keys rattle, he’s the first one to the door. He is growing like a weed! And that face! I’m in love with his sweet puppy face! Thank you, Mr. Steve and Mrs. Jeanette for blessing us with our gorgeous little boy! We love him so much! I’m secretly waiting for when we can get another, but shhhh, don’t tell my husband!
Miranda, 2018


Finnegan of Twin Harbors

The 2 year old boy laughed as Finnegan rested his head on the hospital bed. The young patient, hooked up to monitors, was put on the floor and instantly wrapped his arms around Finnegan's big neck. Finnegan showered him with "kisses". A nurse spoke to me later. She wanted me to know how Finn's visit had positively affected the young boy. She explained that he had a very rapid heartbeat before Finnegan arrived. As the young boy hugged and petted Finnegan, his heart monitor showed a return to a normal beat.

"I just love that dog!" exclaimed the Alzheimer's patient when he saw Finnegan. He went on to tell me about his life in NYC and the dogs he had many years ago. As he spoke he rubbed Finnegan's head and stroked his velvety ears. At an Oncology Fusion Center, Finnegan has made many friends. They tell him that just the sight of his "smile" and wagging tail helps them to relax.

Finnegan, son of Sampson and Nell, will be two April 9, 2012. He is 100 lbs of joy. He is also a "Pets on Wheels" therapy dog. His job is to visit nursing and assisted living homes and the local hospital. There he gives out kisses and unconditional love. He allows patients to pet him and listens attentively when they tell him about their own dogs. Finnegan's calm personality has made him a wonderful Therapy Dog. He is also smart, loving, playful, self-assured, patient and happy. He is a friend to everyone and every dog he meets.

Thank you Jeanette and Steve for such a wonderful dog!

Update: Just wanted to let you know that Finn won his first title in NACSW: National Association of Canine Scent Work, NW I We were at a trial this past weekend in Manassas VA. So not only is he a super Therapy guy, but he is awesome at searching containers, vehicles and rooms for a “hide”. Update: Finn just won his second title; NW2.


Kathy in Maryland, 2011


Jeannette and Steve,

Wow! It would be impossible to ever thank you adequately but here comes my attempt!

Brutus and I so appreciate the act of love and compassion that you displayed by taking him back under your loving care during my health problem . Your keeping him for the month during my return back to health speaks volumes as to how you honestly feel about the puppies you offer. I have heard other breeders say to call them if you ever have a problem but I now know for positive you really mean it.

He is almost 5 months old, weighs 63 pounds and is very healthy and happy. He loves swimming and rules over the farm like the Alpha male that he is. He loves to retrieve from both land and water and will do so until I run out of arm. He has done a great job of training me. He is house trained, walks well with the leash that I only use when I feel necessary which is not very often. He sits and stays and is a real gentleman in public. It is such a joy to take him out in public as the comments about his beauty and demeanor are never ending and make me feel so proud. As you know, I was concerned about getting another puppy at my age (64) from the standpoint of being able to care for it as it deserves but it was positively the right decision. He is a great companion(son) and brings such joy to my heart.

As you know, I have had 4 Golden Retrievers over the last 45 years and feel my opinion should be respected when I say he is the smartest, most healthy I have ever seen. I must say I was concerned about raising him with “holistic” approach but the education you gave me has proven beneficial. Using Orijen puppy chow was a great start but I have now converted him over totally to the raw diet and it shows well in him. Brutus and I both thank you for putting us together as we hope to have many wonderful years together. Should you ever need for one of you potential owners to talk to a proud father, please don’t hesitate to put them in touch with me. Again, thanks,

Bob and Brutus Byrd Wytheville, Va.



I hope you and Steve are doing well! I haven’t talked to you in a while and thought I would drop you an email and say hi.

Everything is great up here in the DC area. Hatteras is living the good life too! Hard to believe that it was this time 2 years ago that I had just picked him up and he was only 8 weeks old, amazing how time flies. He is about 85lbs now and is the star around town. You were right about how you said he will only get better looking as he gets older. I was walking him the other day down to Georgetown (place across the river where I take him swimming) and I just had to think to myself how lucky I am to have him. He is the perfect dog, he is always wagging his tail and happy as can be. I also just started to look at him and think to myself at how good looking he is. I’m not the type to brag or boast about things, but I couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

This past Saturday we went for a long walk to Georgetown again to walk around and check out some markets and everyone was stopping us or staring at us (him, not me. I’m jealous of his good looks) We also ran into a couple other English goldens and they looked no where as good looking as Hatteras. His personality is perfect too, he is just a laid back and easy going dog. He loves the attention as well. Since we were only a few blocks from the place were I take him swimming, I decided to walk down there and let him hop in the water. But there was a big crew race going on and the waterfront was packed with people and dogs on leashes. I was tempted to just say forget it and let him go for a swim, but I didn’t know how all the crazy people would react or do to my dog, so we decided to go hop in fountains instead.

One of his favorite things to do besides swim, is go for car rides. I always put the windows down and when I look back, he has his head out the window and the look on his face is priceless. He is just a happy dog. All in all, I just want to say thank you for giving me the best dog anyone could of asked for. He is so well behaved too. When I take him off leash and walk around the monuments in DC, he is always by my side and when people ask how old he is, I tell them he is 2. They are stunned at how well he behaves at such a young age. Well, I’m about to go to a meeting, but just wanted to say hi. I’ll keep the pictures coming. Might be time for some good pictures too. Maybe I’ll give him a good bath this weekend and take some GQ pictures of him for your website!

Take care, Andrew and Hatteras

Andrew in Washington, DC, May 2016


Steve and Jeanette -

i have been so busy with him and enjoying every minute, what a great puppy, and proof to me that he had the best start with you. He is eating well and loves my yard. He loves to push his face in the grass. He sleeps all night and has not cried at all.

My complements to you as a breeder. His temperment is so gentle and sweet. I just love him. We have posted alot of pictures. Hope you can see them.

Thank you again for choosing him for me he has brightened my days so much.

Jane in Connecticut, 2016


Darjee is one of the happiest puppies my Mom and I have ever known. She loves every cats she has ever met, almost every dog, walks in every puddle she comes across, rolls and summersaults in grass and mud, monitors the birds and squirrels she sees and observes all the geese and ducks that come into sight. All in all – Darjee is perfect. I wanted to give you a full update on Darjee.

She was accepted into the Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. The study says, “It is the largest observational study ever undertaken to improve the health of dogs.” The Goldens have to be under the age of two years old and in good health with three generations of pedigree. The study hopes to understand why more than half of Goldens die from cancer. Additionally, it will focus on identifying genetic and environmental factors and how diet affects the dog’s chances for cancer. The study will also give insight into other major health problems for all Golden Retrievers and help all Goldens for generations to come. One of the most important things for the study is to obtain clean and accurate samples. Our vet called Morris to go over everything she had to do with the samples package they sent us. Since, Darjee was going to have to fast the night before and the samples needed to be taken first thing in the morning we had her spend the night at the vets. After her appointment where they took her the hair, nail, urine, fecal, blood samples and measurements, she came home to her daily apple and banana. Measuring quality of life is a big part of the study. The intake form asks about how much time you spend with your dog, other family members, other animals and how much time they spend alone a week. Dog food, feeding habits, environmental exposures and behavior is also asked. We also have to list all her activities. Darjee’s nature walks, snack time and three playgroups were included.

If your dog is over two years old or you don’t want to enroll your Golden in the study, you can always sponsor a dog. By participating, we all help a very important member of our families.


Susan & Amy 2013


Steve and Jeanette - thank you! For ALL you do with such love and passion, to bring joy and companionship to so many families and individuals - you all are incredible. I have a friend who has a beautiful 2-year old golden and there are 'issues.' When the family came to our home a few weeks back they commented on how wonderful our boys are, and they wish their dog would be this good and well behaved. And how do we get our boys to not have that 'doggie smell' and ... and ... and. Now clearly some is nature and some is nurture. And while we started with two great boys from a great breeder, the things YOU have taught us about the benefits of feeding raw, of interacting WITH our veterinarian (not blindly being guided BY our veterinarian) and making the best decisions for the well being of our pups - just thank you!

Lorrie and Family in Ohio


We promised Jeannette our new puppy was going to a good home and a family who really loves her, and Jeanette said, "You'll never give her more love and joy than she gives to you!" …. she was right! Our whole experience with Jeannette & Steve has been wonderful! They love what they do and it shows. They are down-to-earth, good people with the utmost integrity. They truly care about the breed and their dogs and do everything possible to ensure each puppy is healthy and well socialized by the time he/she goes to their new family. They do not inbreed or crossbreed their dogs. I also like the fact that they won't sell a puppy to just anyone - they want to make sure the puppy is going to a good home. We have a Flat Coated Retriever we got 5 years ago from another breeder and the experience was like night and day. Jeannette & Steve are experienced and have a wealth of knowledge on the breed, diet, care and training. Jeannette gave us loads of helpful advice on diet and care, not just for our new puppy, but also for our adult dog. She should write a book! She has kept in touch and is always available to answer our questions. We would not hesitate to recommend White Oak Retrievers to someone looking for a great family pet. Below is the story of our Bailey, daughter of Sampson and Tootie.

I knew within the first few minutes of talking with Jeanette, we were going to purchase our next Golden from White Oak Golden Retrievers, even if it meant we had to wait for the next litter. We had recently lost Jake, our 14 year old Red American Golden, and were all heart broken, including our 5 year old Flat Coated Retriever, Beau. We came across this wonderful website looking for another male Red Golden. After a long conversation with Jeanette, we thought we would consider a White British Cream. The only problem was that our 3 sons really wanted another male and Jeannette & Steve only had one puppy…. a little girl. She was 10 weeks old and had remained with them longer than her siblings. She was a twin born in a litter of 10 puppies. As Jeannette explained, each puppy is usually born in its own sack, but twins share the same sack and both twins together equal the size of a single sack puppy. Unfortunately, her twin brother, the larger of the twins, did not survive birth and our puppy required lots of extra care from Jeanette & Steve. Steve would get up for 2am & 4am feedings. They nicknamed her "Tinkerbell." All it took for our sons to agree on a girl is one look at the adorable picture Steve emailed to us. Now, who could say no to this??? Now, I'm no longer the only girl in the house. The boys even agreed to let me put a pink collar on her, although they use our black leash instead of the pink one when they walk her. And, we did rename her "Bailey." (Bailey Belle to be exact) Bailey was obviously loved and well taken care of before she ever came to us. From the first day we got her she has been gentle, well-mannered and confident. She already knew to sit & give you her paw, to wait at an open door and to sit while waiting for her food. She is a perfect fit for our family. She loves Beau and he loves her. We have a home business, a Women's Wellness Boutique, Fittings By Michele, and she greets the patients who want to meet her by sitting at their feet, tail-a- wagging and without jumping (she's even teaching Beau some new manners!). Our boys have her swimming in the pool and she loves to lounge in the lawn chair in the morning while we're having our coffee. While she'll never be able to replace the whole in our hearts from the loss of Jake, she is a joy and a true blessing to our family. We thank God for bringing us to you and we thank you for taking such care to give us such a kind, loving and cooperative new family member!

Matt & Michele, Maryland 2012


Our gorgeous Bella is now eight months old, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our choice of purchasing our puppy from White Oak Golden Retrievers. White Oak Golden Retrievers is much more than just a place to buy your puppy. White Oak puppies are loved by Jeannette and Steve and Jeannette tries very hard to match up the right puppy with the right family. They have the best of the best of British Cream Goldens. These puppies are so well taken care of and loved from the time they are born. You are getting a puppy from two healthy and beautiful parents. Jeannette cares deeply about each and every puppy, and she is available to talk to you, no matter when you phone her…..even months after you own your dog. White Oak’s beliefs and commitment to raising Goldens that are not inbred, is one of the reasons we purchased our puppy from Jeannette and Steve. You will not be disappointed with one of these dogs. They are beautiful, intelligent, and extremely loving and friendly animals. I think it would be hard to find breeders more caring than Jeannette and Steve of White Oak Golden Retrievers.
Georganne and Jim Pennsylvania, 2011


There are not enough words to describe the wonderful experience that we had purchasing Sampson from you. You are always eager to help with any questions that we have had, I would have to say that dealing with you and your family in the purchase of Sampson was one of the best experiences of my lifetime. The first time we spoke you treated me as a friend and like we had known each other for years. I felt honored that you sold us one of your pups. He is the most lovable and happy golden that I have ever met.

Teresa in Virginia


Greetings Jeannette & Steve, Steve, you were correct in saying he is a handful. Not in a bad way, but so very smart. I remember you said he could have a vocabulary of ~300 words. Terri & I are not sure how many words he knows, but he does not forget anything. Everyone in our neighborhood loves him. I’ll give you an example of his intelligence. We had “Invisible Fence” installed a few weeks after we brought him home. He learned the flag boundaries so quickly we started removing the flags the first week. It was impossible to install the invisible fence around our koi pond, mulch beds, and some flower beds. So, we thought why not put the flags around these areas and he should stay out. Within a couple days Max pulled these flags (and metal stakes) out of the ground and chewed the flags up. So much for that theory. He loves stealing our shoes, gloves, pants, shirts, etc. But, has never destroyed anything. He was crate trained in a few days. When he sees us getting dressed to go out, Max automatically goes into his “house”. Never a problem. Something very unique. We have a very large back yard & like to keep it clean of his business. When he goes out at night, we can’t always see where he does his business. Not a problem; Terri just goes out with him in the morning and asks “where’s your poo Max”. He takes her to it every time. If Max takes one of our shoes out in the back & leaves it there, I just say “Max, bring Terri’s boot back in.” He’ll run out and bring it back to us. He loves his raw diet & chewing ice cubes. At 14 months Max is ~80 pounds. As you suggested, we will wait the full 18 months before he is fixed. And talk about vocal. I’d have to send you a recording because it is so unique. Not barking; just talking. I’ve had goldens before, but have never seen a dog that thinks he has hands and fingers. He will retrieve anything from under tables and chairs with his paws. We vacationed with Max last year in Virginia Beach. He loved the sand, water, birds, & people. Not a day goes by that someone will ask “what kind of dog is that” because of his white fur and perfect black eye liner. Commands (sit, stay, down, etc,) were a piece of cake. When he runs in the back yard with the neighbor kids, he will run to retrieve something and then goes down like a herding dog. I’ve never seen a retriever do that. Our sincere thanks to White Oak Golden Retrievers and to Max’s parents Sampson & Dolly for a wonderful member of our household. Thank you again Jeannette & Steve. Best Regards

Vennie & Terri in Pennsylvania


We cannot express in words the happiness that Cricket brings to our lives. She is bright, gentle attentive and extremely loving. She is such a wonderful companion and friend.

Page from Massachusetts


Steve was gracious enough to meet us half way to pick up our puppy, that was more than we could ask for. I could tell with talking to Jeannette before purchasing our new member of the family, that she was so passionate about her dogs. I spent a lot of hours on the phone getting to know her. I can't believe he is almost a year old, on Feb 15, he is truly a wonderful dog. He is half English/half American, he is so smart and loving. He is more independent than our previous Goldens, but so loving. We had actually went to pick up another puppy from someone else, two weeks previous to getting him. We went and picked him up and I just knew it was not right,we turned around and took him back. I felt really silly, but I knew that puppy wasn't for me. Tressel loves everybody, and everybody loves him. I would have more if my husband would let me. We have a couple acres for him to run and play, and I think he uses every inch. The neighbors all love to watch him play, he loves to go to splash camp and swim and play with the other dogs. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is.

Vicky in Ohio


I had the good fortune of discovering very late one night while roaming around the house grieving the loss of our beloved 15 year old British golden retriever, Jenny. I sat down at my computer and did a search, it had been about a month and I was feeling a huge void at not having a dog in my life. Several different breeders came up, but then when I clicked on White Oak and saw the beautiful dogs, read their credentials, and viewed the photos of the current litter of available puppies....I knew I found the perfect place! I emailed Jeannette; we spoke at length the next day, and totally 'clicked' on our approach, philosophy and love of dogs. Since we live about 9 hours away, visiting the farm and interacting with the puppies wasn't an option. We wanted a male puppy and coincidently enough one was still available....I looked at his adorable picture, thought yes, that's our new puppy. When we planned our drive to pick up the new dog, I was both excited and apprehensive....never purchased a dog before from only viewing a small picture. But when we saw that little ball of fluff- Jeannette put him in my arms and he licked my face, that was it !! Our Griffin is now 16 months old, so handsome, so great, such a love, so entrenched in our lives, that we couldn't imagine him not being a part of our family. Thank you White Oak Golden Retrievers...

Marsha & Steve, Virginia Beach, VA


Hey Jeannette, I hope you and Steve had a great Christmas and the puppies are all healthy and doing well! I thought I would send you and email and let you know that Hatteras is turning out to be quite the dog!! I am sure you have heard this from all the owners of your dogs, but every where we go we get numerous compliments and how great Hatteras looks and behaves. This past weekend we were walking through town and there was this couple with a little toddler and Hatteras just sat there and their 4 year old daughter came up and gave him a hug. The husband was just stunned at how good looking Hatteras was as well as behaved too. I think he may have said the nicest compliment to me since I have had Hatteras. He just stood there with his jaw dropped and said he has never seen such a gorgeous dog and everything about Hatteras was perfect. He said he had the perfect head and demeanor, and his composition was perfect. He asked me where I got him from and I told him White Oak Golden Retrievers, in West Virginia. I told him I couldn't be happier with Hatteras!! He is everything I could ask for and more. Plus, he LOOOOVES the girls! I took off work last Friday and we walked over to Georgetown and we were sitting on the stairs watching the ice skaters and there were two girls sitting about 5 feet from us. I have been working on our off leash training and he has been doing great, so I let go of his leash and he walked over to the girls and just sat there as if he was their boyfriend. It was funny because he acted like he knew them and everyone was laughing and just enjoying the moment.

He is probably close to 80lbs now and still has a lot of growing to do still! If his feet say anything about how big he will be, I can easily see him being a healthy 100lb dog! :) I can't believe he turned 10 months this past weekend, but I can honestly say that the last 8 months have been nothing but a joy. The best part of day is coming home and seeing him and taking him outside and playing fetch. One of his favorite things to do is go hiking and swimming. One of our favorite places to go is Roosevelt Island (the pictures of him swimming and in the woods on facebook is from Roosevelt Island) He go there on the weekdays when no one is there and we have a 200 acre island all to ourself and he just loves it!! Well, I just wanted to drop you and Steve a line and let you know that I couldn't be happier with how Hatteras is turning out! I told him in about a year he is going to be a big brother, so expect a phone call from me sometime this time next year :)

Hope y'all have a Happy New Years!!!

Andrew and Hatteras in Washington, DC


I just took these photos today of our beautiful Luke on our patio in NC. We celebrated his first birthday on October 26th. We have been blessed with a gorgeous, loving, spirited, and intelligent pup who loves people and other dogs. He is pretty sturdy and runs like the wind during morning playtimes with neighborhood furry friends. He is everything we hoped for and so much more. We were fortunate to find you and to benefit from your expertise. Luke was a perfect match for us. He has adapted seamlessly to travel between two homes. He responds very well to training with praise and treats. David and I are the ones who need to work on our consistency! Another thing about Luke is he loves, loves the outdoors. Whether he is running the soccer field, hanging out on the grass by the pond or in the garden, walking on the beach. He is simply in heaven. He is just so observant and tuned into his surroundings. He probably would have thrived on your farm just like Samson. So thank you, again, for this very special new addition to our family.

Priscilla and David in North Carolina and New York


I would love to introduce you to Shebah, daughter of Sampson and Tutti. Shebah loves people and is gentle and intelligent. She received her Canine Good Citizens certification at the young age of 18 months. Trained off lead she loves going for long walks through the woods.

I’ve continued to raise her holistically on the recommendation of her breeder, Jeanette Cormier. She enjoys a diet of high proteins, fruits and vegetables and most importantly, only federal mandated shots. Shebah has recently became a big sister to a mini golden doodle, and continues to impress us with her amazing personality and love of life.

Therese and Shebah 2018





I hope all is well up in West VA! Just wanted to bring you up to date on Ripley, he has been such an awesome addition to our family, your pick for us was right on! Ripley and my 11 year old, Logan are best of friends! His temperament and his personality is one of a kind! He is totally off leash and trained and everything.

Chris in Florida


I hope this email finds you both well. I've included two pictures of my dog Huck (Diesel & Nell) who I bought from you all in April of 09. He is a wonderful dog and companion. So handsome he rarely goes for a walk without getting compliments. More than anything he's a love bug, cuddling up against complete strangers, napping with me on the couch, and playing well with other dogs. He's brought so much joy into my and my family's life. Thanks very much. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Lisa in Virginia


Dealing with White Oak Golden Retrievers was easy and pleasant. You answered all of our questions, stayed in touch as the puppies grew and provided great information for first time puppy owners. As for Winston, he had very large shoes to fill that belonged to our former Golden, Thunder, but he is well on his way. He is a beautiful, loving and intelligent dog. He trained us very quickly and also responds to most of what we ask of him. Katherine calls him scary smart but occasionally he can also be silly stupid. People love to meet him. He is fun and a joy to be with. We have, and will continue to recommend you to people searching for a Golden.

Katherine and Ed


"My experience with Jeannette at White Oak's Golden Retrievers, has been an absolutely wonderful one! I first spoke with Jeannette 1 yr prior to purchasing Diesel. We talked at great length about this special breed and she shared a wealth of information on puppies and dogs in general. When my family decided the time was right to get a dog, I knew White Oak's was the place for us. Diesel is by far, the most wonderful dog we have ever owned. He was very easy to train. He is smart, gentle and a lot of fun! He has been absolutely wonderful with the kids, whom have thoroughly enjoyed his company no matter what they are busy doing. Diesel recently swallowed a kitchen cabinet knob. He was very close to death. I was in constant contact with Jeannette throughout our horrific ordeal. While we were in the emergency hospital waiting for blood and urine sample results, Jeannette was on the computer trying to figure out what might have happened to him, based on his symptoms. It was absolutely wonderful having her and her husband's support. I can't even imagine what my family would have gone through if we would have lost this beautiful dog!"

Laurie in Chicago, Ill


Wow, what can see say about our beloved princess. She is the PERFECT companion, absolutely wonderful, quiet, loving (yes, really), her big brown eyes melt your heart. She loves to be with you where ever you are and follows us from room to room but then is content to sleep at your feet. She is super easy going, gets along with everyone and every animal. The Comers are wonderful to deal with, answered every question before and after getting Tundra. They obviously love their dogs and treat them like family members. They ensured that we too were going to welcome and treat Tundra like a precious gift, which she is. Having had many dogs and cats throughout our lives, we highly recommend White Oak Goldens for their personal caring approach and their personal interest in finding the right family for every dog they place. Beautiful, well-tempered dogs. An A++++, 5 Star kennel.
Cindy in Virginia


Hey Jeanette,

I know i told you i would write months ago but life just seems to get so busy. I just wanted to share with you and all your readers what a wonderful gift Bubba has given to our lives. Bubba was born on 2-24-09 and will turn 27 months old tomorrow. When Bubba first came to us at 8 weeks old , it was both a wonderful moment and a sad time as my Chesapeake retriever was 13 years old and dying of heart disease. Bubba brought so much love to our family and I truly believe helped Dreamer to live a extra 6 months. I can not begin to even tell you how much love he has given not only to us, but also all the kids in the area other pets and his buddies the Wild horses in Corolla,NC. His gentle manner with all of life is just amazing, from the very beginning he just has always had this sweet heart to love all things. He loves the water, has his own pool so it seems since we call it Bubba's pool. He will sit in the seat of the pool with his head on the side and take doggie naps, so cute. We have owned many dogs,but have never owned a dog that is so easy to train,listens so well and just wants everyone to be happy. I think the British Cream Golden Retrievers are by far the smartest and most gentle dogs I have ever seen. And we feel blessed everyday to have him in our family. Thank you so very much for a gift of a lifetime.

With much love, Jim and Steph



Jim and Step in North Carolina


I can tell you that I will NEVER get another dog unless it comes from White Oak. They are the BEST!! I truly believe that in 2 or 3 years we will get a companion for Albus and we have never had more than one dog at a time. That speaks volumes for you!!
Wayne & Tootie in Virginia


Luke is now 14 months old and is a very special boy (weighs in at about 90 pounds)! As you know, before we found Luke, we had 3 golden's and over the last 20 years we raised 7 dogs (labradors and golden's). While we love all our dogs, Luke is by far our favorite (but don't tell the others)! He is extremely well mannered, gentle and very confident. When we take him for walks in town, we are always approached by people who compliment us on how gorgeous and well behaved he is and wonder what breed of dog he is. When I come home from business trips, he hops up on my lap and greets me as if I had been gone for months. We love him so much. Thank you for allowing us to bring him into our lives!
Scott in New Jersey


Our beloved Dustin was so special and was one of a kind. He was red in color and we had decided to find another one with similar color and temperament. We had searched for several years without any luck of finding the right match of color or breeder that we felt comfortable with. When we contacted White Oak Golden Retrievers - we were immediately impressed! Rick talked with Jeannette many times on the phone. We made plans to go and visit the site and see for ourselves and order a puppy. While there we saw Copper Jake and he was the right color. We ordered a puppy as they were not born yet. While there we fell in love with a little white puppy that was ready to be adopted. We brought Hemi home and waited for Copper to be born. Jeannette and Steve were so helpful and knowledgeable that we knew we were at the right place. We have two wonderful boys, one white and one red. They have very separate personalities and are inseparable. Our vet also was impressed with the health and beauty of our boys. They are two years old now and they are our family now. Thanks to Jeannette and Steve we are complete.
Rick and Patty in Virginia


We have two wonderful boys from White Oaks Golden Retrievers. My experience with Jeannette & Steve was fantastic. I have gained not two wonderful dogs but also a lifetime friendship. Walker & Gus are now both 3 years old and are the most remarkable dogs…..they are smart, loving and calm. Our boys go everywhere with us and meet all kinds of people and other animals and never once did we worry. They love everyone and everything…especially playing ball and running in the ocean. I do have to say that when we are out it takes more time due to everyone wants to know what they are and love them. They are breath taking to look at and people will always stop you. I love my boys and Jeannette is a wonderful person who cares very much about her animals and the homes they will be going to. I have recommended Jeannette to many people. I hope it is a long time till I am there again getting another dog but would only get a British Cream from White Oaks Golden Retrievers.
Shelli, Bob, Walker & Gus New Hampshire & Maine


When Sophie came home with us last December 2012, Michael and I were fully prepared to start feeding her a great kibble with the least amount of grains possible in it. Oddly enough, Sophie spoke to us through her bodily functions and rejected the kibble. She had diarrhea on and off for about 2 weeks. By instinct, Michael put her on chicken, rice and pumpkin. That firmed her up – but every time we went back to kibble – her stool would get loose again – very loose. So, I went to an amazing pet food and supply store here in Manhattan named WHISKERS. It’s dedicated to raw feeding, holistic approaches and toys made in the USA. And through word of mouth, Whiskers’ guidance and a wonderful Yahoo Group online called RawFeeding -- I was introduced to the prey-model raw diet. This is a carnivore’s diet – based on what wolves eat (which it has been proven that dogs are direct descendants of wolves). It’s 80% raw meat, 10% edible bone (like bone in a chicken breast) and 10% organ meat which includes liver. It’s very, very simple. No cooking, no preparing. You just feed a slab of raw meat and let your beautiful dog have the FULL experience. It’s a mental, dental and physical workout when a dog rips and tears the meat. It’s amazing to watch. Our Sophie is thriving on this diet – she has endless amounts of energy, her bowel movements are perfect, her coat is shiny, she is growing slow and steadily (now 10 months) and she is full of life. We couldn’t ask for more! She is always happiest at feeding time – she loves eating like a wolf!!! I can’t say enough great things about feeding raw and how important it is NOT to feed grains. Dogs cannot process grains – which kibble has grain in it. It is the ONLY way, in my opinion, to feed – and it couldn’t be easier! I mean, you can get your meat at the grocery store – along with the groceries you buy for your family. I am a believer and hope I have inspired those of you ‘on the fence’.
Cindy and Michael in NY 2013


Jeannette and Steve, I often recall the day we met you both in the Roanoke airport. I can honestly say that it almost brings me to tears thinking of the first time we laid eyes on our pup we bought from you. He has been a JOY to our family! From the moment we arrived home with him to now, he has never stopped making our days so enjoyable. He awakes in the am around 5:30-6:00am central time. Great with me because we are early risers. I let him out, he comes in and eats, goes back out and then he comes back in the house, grabs his favorite toy and marches in the bedroom to wake up mom! He gets up on the bed and proceeds to "talk" for approximately 3-5 minutes. It is the most precious thing I've ever witnessed with a dog. He wants his mommy to know that he has been fed, gone and done his business, and is now ready to play on the bed! ( see video) I can't thank you both enough for the time that you took to bring him to the airport so we could bring him home to Omaha. After the bedtime fun, Murph and I go out in the kitchen for my daily cup of coffee, then it's off in dad's pickup for our trip to our baseball academy or our sports bar. Both places, there are people that can't wait to see him as he has made plenty of new friends. When we decided to purchase a pup from you, we knew that from our discussions that we were making the right choice. In my wife's words, he is "truly a sweet boy", and he is everything that we could have ever want in a pup/dog! We recently put up our Christmas trees, we have a total of 4, and he has not bothered any of them. We worried what it was going to be like with a new pup. We have had one incident that actually made my wife and me get a bit choked up. We had an ornament that our 13 year old retriever "Jackson" would occasionally grab off the tree. The day that she was done placing the ornaments on the tree "Mr. Murph" decides that he wanted to take an ornament off and bring it to us. Yes that's correct. The same one that Jackson had always wanted to play with!! Remember a "truly sweet boy?" In closing we want to say THANK YOU Jeannette and Steve for bringing our lives in touch with a wonderful pet and addition to our family. We love him SO much! I will send you the video and more pics!
Brad and Tammy, Omaha, Nebraska 2013


Jeannette, He's doing great! He's HUGE, about 38lbs already. He is really starting to show his sweeter more affectionate side. He is a thief! You can't leave any socks, shoes or toys out. It's a great lesson for the kids to remember to pick up their things. He also loves throw blankets. Sometimes he will take them out through his doggie door and I'll find him laying on them out on the yard. It's pretty hard to get upset when you see how happy he is laying in the sun ?? He has been such a blessing to our family. He has bonded well with everyone and you can see how he plays differently with each of us. I didn't realize just how much we needed him! He is a joy to be with even with his little shenanigans that keep us on our toes. He's enjoying trying some raw foods and loves his lamb bones, carrots, watermelon and blueberries. We will keep the updates coming. Have a great evening. Shellie
Shellie , 2016



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