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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the American Goldens and the European/British Cream Goldens?

The main difference between the American Golden Retrievers and the White Golden Retrievers also known as English/British Cream Golden Retrievers is the color, size, blockier heads and stockier frame of the White/English/British Creams. Our long and healthy line of American Goldens is second to none.They all have the wonderful qualities that makes White Golden Retrievers and American Golden Retrievers the most sought after family/companion/hunting/therapy and working dog in the world.

How much are the puppies from White Oak Golden Retrievers?


White Oak Golden Retrievers

White English Cream

Males/Females puppies $2,500. for limited registration.

Pricing is for 8 week old puppies born here at White Oak Golden Retrievers. Pricing for older puppies, imported puppies or retired dogs vary.

American Goldens

Males/Females puppies are $2,200. for limited registration.

What makes White Oak Golden Retrievers the best puppies.

Our puppy owners all receive detailed information on real holistic health, the best foods and feeding a raw diet, information on the latest research concerning vaccines, heart worms meds, etc. All puppies are tested using the Volhard Testing System to assure that you are getting the best puppy for your family. All puppies are AKC registered. When puppies are ready to go to their homes, they are vet checked, bathed, groomed, given their first shots and all wormings and we try to help everyone with the driving by meeting you at *no charge.


What is limited and unlimited registration?

Limited registration means that the dog is for a pet, companion, and/or hunting dog and cannot be used for breeding and is limited in certain AKC showing.

Unlimited registration means that there is no limitation for breeding or showing in AKC shows.



Do you require a deposit and what type of payment is accepted?


To reserve a puppy a non-refundable deposit of $1,000. (White Golden Retrievers), and $1,000. on (American Goldens) and must be made in advance. We accept; money orders, cashiers checks, wire transfers and cash.



When can puppies go to their new homes?


Our puppies are well socialized, confident and ready to bond with their new families at 8 weeks of age. All puppies have to remain with us until 8 weeks of age whether they are picked up or have to fly to their new homes.


Are we receiving a healthy puppy?

Potential buyers of our puppies can buy with confidence that they are receiving a healthy puppy. Our adult dogs eat a daily raw meat diet, along with vitamins and enjoy quality socialization, exercise to play and swim on our farm. Health and Diet are our utmost concern with our dogs and puppies. Our dogs are NEVER in-bred or line-bred thus providing the healthiest puppies available. White Oak Golden Retrievers offers a Puppy Guarantee.



Shipping your puppy.

We will fly your puppy into most major airports (east of the Mississippi River) by Delta Airlines, all other areas will require you to fly into one of our airports and we will meet you with your puppy and you can carry your puppy on board the plane home. We do however, drive to meet you (within a reasonable distance) with your puppy. Prices for shipping a puppy varies but is usually around $400.00 when the puppy is 8 weeks old.


How do I go about getting a puppy?

If you want to be considered for the current or next expected litter, please call us at 304-753-6282. Phone interviews about us and you are required before deposits are taken on puppies.  Please read our Health and Diet page. We require that anyone getting one of our puppies be on board with us on health, diet and holistic vet care. We furnish all necessary info to our new puppy owners for health, diet and keeping your Golden living a long time.


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